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Therapeutic Interventions For Mental Health Professionals

Harvey Wells Therapeutic Interventions For Mental Health Professionals

86 page softback book.
Author - Harvey Wells
ISBN 978-0-9534712-4-9

P&P is £2(UK), £6(Europe) and £8(Worldwide).
Order extra copies and pay no additional P&P

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Sampson Low Ltd is a specialist publishing company. It is still owned and run today by members of the Low family.

Even though we've been publishing since 1793 our company aim is still to support new and up-and-coming writers and artists.

Welcome to our latest release by Harvey Wells.
The first book in Sampson Low Ltd's Professional series.
Read more about it on the Books page.

Our next book will be with the Rambling Art Collective SMartwalks

Here at Sampson Low we receive letters/emails each week about past publications, and have decided to start an Archive page where you can browse the information. We havent got an extensive archive because of our offices being bombed and various transformations of the company, so we would appreciate any donations.

Thank you,
George, Sally, Sampson, Alban, Joshua and Jacob Low